Our Approach

We offer the most direct path to the most powerful solution by implementing sustainable, measurable and innovative solutions that navigate complex challenges brought on by profound change. 

Approaches Wheel

Revolve. Evolve.

"We have one goal: to help you successfully transform your business. Whether we are involved in all stages of the change process or just specific phases, our unique approach ensures we deliver the necessary outcomes.”

Andrew Naperotic - Ruota Consulting


To complete the journey, you have to know where to begin. We assess the current landscape and deliver actionable remediation plans to strengthen weaknesses and foster strengths.

 How we do it:

  • Technology Maturity Assessment showing technology services performance relative to industry standards, coupled with prioritised improvements.
  • Project Health Check Assessment identifying root-cause project issues together with an actionable remediation plan to improve the success of project delivery.
  • Case for Change identifying the need, rationale and mandate to embark on the journey of change.



Sometimes, you cannot see the forest for the trees. We develop a comprehensive plan to address root cause problems with sustainable solutions.

How we do it:

  • Operating Model and Organisation Structure identifying and driving business outcomes throughout business and key enabling functions, e.g., IT, HR, Finance.
  • Programme Management Office Playbook standardising delivery disciplines that eliminate rework and drive faster decision making.
  • Business Case justifying project portfolio spend and benefits realisation.


How do you keep a sense of urgency and focus when priorities can change in a moment? We anticipate changing conditions and adapt accordingly, using clear communications, available resources and a hands-on project management approach.

How we do it:

  • Implementation Roadmap communicating major deliverables and milestones.
  • Technology and business solutions delivered to plan and budget.
  • Optimised processes and operating models helping achieve operational excellence.
  • Technology operations aligning to business objectives.


With any change, knowledge transfer is essential. We transition thought leadership and lessons learned to make ongoing operations more effective and subsequent change initiatives more efficient.

How we do it:

  • Specific business process and technology training.
  • Workforce development and knowledge transfer including adoption of tools, techniques and methods. 
  • Operational Readiness Assessment including known defects and workarounds to prevent operational disruption.

Change Enablement

You can make change stick by making change adoption a part of the entire delivery lifecycle. We engage early, set the pace for the change programme and adjust our tactics based on actual progress.

How we do it:

  • Change Enablement framework illustrating the journey to change and engagement of key stakeholders.
  • Communications Plan articulating communication methods, frequency and channels.
  • Behavioural gap analysis defining how to align organisational changes, culture and stakeholder behaviours.

Continuous Improvement

Efficiency and performance excellence is a virtuous cycle of improvement. We define key performance indicators that help drive proactive decisions. We also implement operational improvements to achieve internal objectives and promote customer experience.

How we do it:

  • Process documentation and analysis to deliver efficiencies and remove waste.
  • Performance dashboards to provide business intelligence and help focus on what really matters.
  • A working environment that nurtures decisions and proactive behaviour.


Given the inevitability of change, how do you maintain your gains while preparing for the next change cycle? Establish a culture of adaptability and identify change triggers, monitoring tools and a change-response framework.

How we do it:

  • Operational Dashboard and Measures to assess performance against regularly updated strategic objectives.
  • Oversight and monitoring operating model to ensure ongoing assessment and measure of organisational performance.

Reasons to work with ruota

We are dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of our clients by getting first-hand customer information and using it for improvements in our products and services.

Delivery of Outcomes

Our subject matter expertise in project management, change management, continuous improvement, Lean and Six Sigma helps us adapt to your environment and deliver the necessary outcomes.

Proven results

Our longstanding clients and their positive experience in Ruota engagements are a testimony to our professionalism and quality of service. Relationships are paramount to our success. We will become your trusted advisor.

Capability Transfer

We work with clients to build their skills and capabilities, leaving them better placed to deliver in the future.

Sustainable Management

We believe in implementing efficiencies and removing redundancy, while helping executives focus on what really matters.

Data-Driven Insight

We add improved metrics and key performance indicators to our executive-friendly dashboards in order to proactively drive decisions and intervention management.

Tailored Approach

We use methodologies but are not constrained by them. Our expertise and experience enable us to flex process and method to ensure the outcomes delivered are the best for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer surveys indicate 100% client satisfaction in our services and the knowledge we possess.