Change is Inevitable

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Change is driven by forces like Globalisation, Regulation, Competition, Financial Pressure, Acquisition and Divestitures, Technology, and even Social Media.  

However only 55% of Change initiatives are initially effective, and this falls to a 25% success rate in the long run. 

Watch how we make it happen, with Ruota’s roadmap to successful change implementation and organisational transformation.

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5 Guarantees of Change

  Will continue
  More of it
  More complex

IT Transformation Implementation

Delivery Remediation & Execution of the Programme Management Office

Large international organisation is challenged with its enterprise-wide Information Technology (IT) Transformation project, an over-running budget, a delayed delivery schedule and a Benefits Realisation plan that is not being achieved.

Making Change Stick

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Industry experts estimate that 70% of Change Management initiatives fail…put yourself in the 30%. This is the first in a series that explores major change initiatives and provides guidance as to how they can be successful. This first paper is more comprehensive, providing an overview of the process. Subsequent papers will provide a deeper dive into specific stages in the change process.

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We are change experts.

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