Organisational Change Management

Working with clients to appreciate that change and transformation efforts often fall short or fail altogether, we help organisations focus on its people, culture and journey to change acceptance.

Our structured change management approach and established methodology will help create the correct sense of urgency required to realise the benefits and return on investment from embarking on a transformation journey.

We focus on Organisational Adoption, Behavioural Change and People Readiness.

Organisational Adoption: We measure the journey to change and coach the senior leadership team in their role as ambassadors of change.


  • Aligned senior leadership team who are connected to the objective of change - lead by example
  • Consistent voice and top-down influence across multiple layers in an organisation helping make change stick
  • Improve return on investment

Behavioural Change: Understanding the organisation and its employees’ capacity to embrace change, we bring all vested parties on the journey while encouraging progressive acceptance of the end game.


  • Comprehensive communication that builds support versus rejection
  • Engaged and committed stakeholders making change stick
  • Improve return on investment

People Readiness: We help organisations educate their employees in readiness for change, allowing them to more readily accept and adopt change and settle in their new environment.


  • Adoption is embraced providing a platform for sustainable practises and continued improvement
  • Higher success rate on change initiatives
  • Less anxiety for workforce – people understand their place in the organisation
  • Organisational capability is aligned to the new organisation culture

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Our proprietary toolkit is implementation and time tested. We use it on all engagements and it can remain with the client under a licencing agreement.

  • SmartChange™ - a structured Change Management methodology supported by integrated tools and templates that helps organisations pull the right lever(s) during a change and transformation initiative


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