Execution Management

We help organisations deliver business and technology change with capability, experience and proven methods. We focus on best practise project management and program management office solutions and delivery assurance consulting services.

Using proven project management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile, coupled with our own practises, we help organisations attain a holistic view of their initiatives, proactively monitor progress, remediate exceptions and deliver anticipated outcomes.

Delivery Management: Our experienced and dedicated project management capability manages, executes and implements complex projects and programs.  


  • On-time and within budget implementations
  • Holistic view of delivery ensuring all dependencies are understood and challenges remediated
  • A stronger internal capability
  • A lasting and sustainable expertise
  • Specialised knowledge of project mobilisation, business requirements and process development, testing and implementation

Delivery Governance: Best practise program management office services to oversee and monitor specific projects or a portfolio of enterprise-wide initiatives.


  • Informed Senior Management and Executives
  • Controlled project delivery with proactive monitoring and remediation
  • Guide, mentor and influence existing project management with hands-on expertise
  • Risk mitigation

Delivery Assurance: Independent health assessment of the organisation and its initiatives.


  • An independent and expert root cause assessment provides confidence that investments will achieve planned objectives
  • Improved delivery robustness and organisational structure
  • Facilitated and collaborative remediation of challenges
  • Challenges that are alleviated, not merely identified 

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Our toolkits and methodologies are products of decades of experience. We use these on all of our engagements. Where appropriate, they are handed off to our clients at point of delivery to help enhance learning and encourage self sufficient sustainability.

  • EMLite:  Repeatable disciplines, processes, techniques and tools that we adopt on project engagements
  • ProFolio: A  licensable project portfolio management tool that provides senior management and C-grade personnel with consistent criteria to evaluate projects for go/no-go decisions and where necessary, prioritisation for challenge remediation
  • HCAeasy: In-depth project evaluation methodology for identification of root causes creating symptomatic portfolio and project delivery challenges

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