Functional Area: Quality Assurance

Client: Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

Date Completed: 31 December 2011

Business Challenge: A major bank sold a large portion of their business and needed to separate the systems and the data.  The effort included migrating the physical systems data off the previous platform and to the new business without a disruption to the bank’s existing IT services and the end customers.  

Solution: Ruota Consulting was requested to lead the System Integration Testing (SIT) of the systems and data efforts on the new owner’s platform. Ruota deployed both program management and test leadership expertise for the effort which included:

  • Mobilization of environments and teams to support the testing
  • Management of the relationship with User Testing and the business
  • Delivery of an operating model for testing
  • Management of day-to-day test operations 
  • Hands on testing of the new systems and data transfer effort

Ruota Consulting established a collaborative source test roadmap and strategy aligned with the internal UAT testing and third party support.  We defined and configured the infrastructure to support the testing environment and managed any limitations/mitigation strategies to support the scope.  We delivered effective dashboards and reporting for senior management to understand the status, challenges and any activities requiring escalation or intervention.  We define and executed upon the Test Execution Model (TEM) services and processes to support the outcomes.

As part of our end to end testing and deployment efforts, we provided support to design the platform infrastructure, defining data migration approach, cutover, sustainable testing approach and support the change process for any design change, which may directly or indirectly impact the systems.  We supported the operational and financial reconciliation of the bank’s data to the new owner.

Benefits: Ruota Consulting was able to put sustainable processes in place which maintained the bank’s integrity by managing the operational risk to ensure there was no impact to the customer.   The established processes ensured the removal of IT systems did not have an adverse effect on the existing bank platform processing in these systems.  Through the Development, UAT testing and vendor support, the bank was able to execute test case scenarios for the work stream and through the end to end scenarios.  The bank had a sustainable and repeatable test case portfolio to execute after the systems were re-aligned.