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The partnership between business and technology is difficult to define. Who determines the vision? Who leads? Who drives innovation and growth? Who is responsible for managing the cost of doing business? Partnership is complex.

Frequently, this complexity drives long hours, operational inefficiencies, and missed expectations. A partnership becomes fractured and broken.

We are here to help executives and leaders better manage, integrate, and accelerate technology change in response to business demand. We apply Lean and Agile IT Service Management and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) proven practices with our clients to solve critical strategic and tactical challenges. For example, we help answer:

  • Why do the number of requirements triple after a project begins the build phase? 
  • How do I measure the performance of my technology organization, beyond budget performance or project status reporting?
  • How do I staff my organization effectively, e.g., vendors, contractors, shared services, or outsourcing?
  • How do I change our program delivery methods to be lean without introducing risk

Ruota Technology Consulting takes note of your core challenges and tailors the right solution for your business and technology partnership.

Customer-Focused Operating Model: Our belief is that organizations can thrive when business and technology partner together to deliver products and services. By clearly defining, quantifying, and communicating the value of an organization’s technology services, we help organizations update their operations and practices. We help focus on real, business-driven and cost-effective outcomes. 

  • Define core technology services based on business demand
  • Align technology priorities with business objectives
  • Establish the core functions required to achieve these objectives
  • Formalize the strategy and roadmap to remediate current gaps and shortcomings

Flexible Delivery Methods: Technology moves fast. So why do technology projects in the typical enterprise spend an eternity in development? Delivery methods and processes must be adapted to the individual organization. We help our clients navigate key drivers — brand and operational risk, product complexity, internal and external security, business objectives and delivery cost — when determining a solution delivery path. We have helped Agile and Waterfall thrive in some of the world’s leading brands.

  • Create a framework for assessing project suitability
  • Define standard delivery methods and supporting technologies
  • Enable the change through coaching and training

Technology Service Management:  Many organizations muddy the water between ITSM processes and vendor solutions. Performance measures and metrics, such as “five nines of availability” fail to bridge business and technology leaders with a common terminology. 

We seek to establish a clear connection, supported by data, between business performance and technology performance. Business product lifecycles and roadmaps should be supported with technology initiatives and innovations. Investments should be measured for return above and beyond financial impact.

  • Review current services, processes, technologies, and performance metrics
  • Define specific people, process, and technology initiatives needed to remediate the gap between the current state and the desired future state
  • Run IT as a business through lean ITSM processes and tools, measuring results and tuning performance as business conditions change and technologies evolve

The path to IT partnership with the Business. View cases

We use structured maturity assessments to provide concrete recommendations on all of our engagements. Implementation tools can be provided to our clients to support adoption and encourage new process sustainability.

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